Welcome to Celebrate Penny, a blog for friends and family who want to express what a gift Penny Ann Rice was to the world. Learn more about Penny here and the way God used her to reach so many people with the love of Jesus around the world.


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  1. Mrs.Sheila Thompson says:

    I only met Mrs. Penny a few times but what I witness from her she was a bright and shining star .She was always helping others and sharing the love of Jesus to who needed it. Her smile was warm, kind you knew in heart she was someone you could trust. In my heart I like to say she was a jewel someone very special. I myself lost my oldest son to cancer and later I lost my mom so how well do I understand. Our prayers are always with [ NLEC] May the Lord richly bless you all.

  2. Cosette says:

    December 18, 2011

    How strange in the course of looking for someone that I had lost track of that I would discover that lovely Penny Rice was deceased. it is not that I had not thought of Penny and Larry Rice through the years and did at intervals hear of their continuing work in the ministry-(New Life Evangelistic Center, Inc.)….. I first Penny and Larry way back in 1977! In 1996, I met a person who worked with the prayer line ministry that Penny and Larry established. I had read some information about New Life Evangelistic Center Ministry, through the years under the able leadership of these two fine individuals.

    Penny was a loving, kind human being. I was “young” in the Lord at the time I met Penny, although I had come up in the church and did grow up in a loving Christian home and loving church. Penny came into my life at a crisis point in my life. She proved the love of Jesus when so many at that point, I felt had betrayed me or turned me away. I was a strong born again christian but young and young in the faith. I am so glad that after 34 years I can say about Penny what I always thought… she was beautiful, loving and kind. She apparently remained so…. no small feat in these sad, treacherous times….I can believe she and Larry were perfectly matched, for he has continued on in the ministry that he and Penny started so many years ago.

    I am grateful to the Lord for both of them…..and their continued faith.
    I am grateful for how they raised their children in the faith.

    I am grateful to the Lord for the life and work of Penny Rice!

    I intend to start to support New Life Evangelistic Center and to contribute to the Womens Breast Cancer organization that Penny started. I too, have done intensive volunteer work in that area, of Women suffering and surviving cancer.

    Penny, I told the Lord upon discovering that you were with Him to tell you hello. I look forward to seeing her again in heaven.

    Penny Ann Rice, to me she was one of a kind, one who walked and lived the faith as well as talked about it.

    Although I have not seen her or spoke to her for many years…. I miss her. The opportunity of not seeing her again on my many travels…. as I have come through St. Louis Missouri.

    The Lord Bless the memory of this dear lady of faith, Penny Ann Rice.


  3. Jefferey says:

    Highly descriptive article, I loved that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

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