As we celebrate Penny’s life we choose to focus on her ressurrected body and not the vessel she left when she went to be with the Lord. Therefore her remains went into a beautiful urn designed by Melvin Schlicker and his son Donald from Zeigler and Ames in Belingham Washington. The top of the box has a beautiful picture of Penny the way we want to remember her, engraved with the words Penny Ann Rice, Feb. 15, 1950 – Feb. 21, 2007.

On the front is a cross surrounded with lilies and Penny’s favorite verse. “Be glad for whatever God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and prayerful always.” Rom. 12:12 (The Living Bible) On the back of this beautiful box it reads, “Penny, You are a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. We love you so much.” Larry, Chris, Stephanie, Jennifer, Martha, Justin, Nathan, Lawrence, Annie, Chris Aaron, Gabrielle, Alathea, Keturah, and Ezekial.

This ornate box will be present at each of the memorials as we celebrate the life of Penny Rice.




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  1. Neal Bisges says:

    Penny worked for me during a low point in your marriage. During that employment, she ministered. I am so thankfull that through our discussions Penny and you two were able to reconcile, return your marital bliss, and continue your mininistry.


  2. mark swenson says:

    Our prayers go out to Larry and his family.

  3. Terry and Virginia Chambers says:

    Dear Larry and family,

    What a blessing all of you have been to show the love of God to so many. Penny was a beautiful flower that God planted in the middle of this work of HIS where she grew and blossomed into a lovely fragrance permeating every corner of it and allowing it to fall on and bless so many, most especially her family.
    I lost my Mother last March and only God can sustain me still. I rest in the fact that I know she is with GOD and that I will see her again as you will see your beautiful Penny again.
    We were blessed to work for your ministry for several years, shoping for grocerys for the men at the transmitter and other shelters.
    May GOD bless you as you continue your work for HIM until HE comes to take us home to be with Him forever.
    GOD bless all of you. We love you.
    Terry and Virginia

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