Memorial Services

Memorial services will be held at the following times and locations:

Marshfield Assembly of God
1538 W. Washington St., Marshfield Missouri
Monday, February 26 at 10:30am

New Life Evangelistic Center Headquarters
1411 Locust St., St. Louis Missouri
Saturday, March 3, at 4pm

MidAmerica Care Center
9810 State Road AE
New Bloomfield, Missouri
Sunday, March 4, at 3pm

Sunday, March 18th, 3 PM at
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church,
300 W. Pecan Blvd.,
McAllen, Texas


11 Responses to Memorial Services

  1. Chuck Smith says:

    Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the Kingdom.

    My dear cousin Penny was a bright and shining light in this world. I remember her last visit to our Brown Family Reunion in June 2006. What a joy and delight she and Larry were at that festive time. Her smile radiated the love of Christ and her own personal love for humankind.

    I count it one of my many blessings to have been a kinsman and to have known her. I cherish her memory as will so many others. We will remember here at our June 24 2007 reunion in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.

    To God Be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done!

  2. Peggie VanArsdale says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I wish I had gotten to know Penny.

    I know that we will meet again in Glory. We were cousins, but through the blood of Christ we are sisters.

    Peggie VanArsdale

  3. Edna Patterson says:

    Hi Stephanie, Justin, and Larry,
    Pat and I are sorry that we can not be with you for the memorial service for Penny. We will keep you in prayer on this coming Monday and on Sat., Mar. 3rd. Mount Auburn Christian Church will also lift you up as you go throught this difficult time.
    Penny truly led the way in a truly Christian example. Larry, you have set an example of being there for your wife as she was so sick. God will bless you for your great care of Penny.
    Stephanie, when you get home, I would like to come visit you if you are up to it. Know that you are all loved.
    Edna Patterson

  4. Lowie Rice says:

    Larry and Family,
    Each life is symbolized by a particular set of footprints in the snow.How wonderful to know that we offer something so uniquely our own.So many unique qualities were offered within the friendship your Mom shared with all of us who came into relationship with her.Truly how wonderful and freeing to know that she has left Her Footprints and contributions in this temporary place we call home.
    Ken and I are with you all in Prayer,We mourn your loss, but celebrate the freedom Penny has found in His Care.

  5. Karen Luetkemeyer says:

    Dear Larry, Chris, Stephanie, Jennifer, and all Rice family (which
    includes many!),

    It does not surprise me at all the many reports of Penny’s kindnesses in the manner in which Penny approached her life and ministry.

    My prayers will be with you as you proceed here on earth!

    Penny’s life is an excellent witness to the excellence of a life in Christ!

    Words are not adequate to exemplify the genuineness of a life well-lived.


    Karen Luetkemeyer

  6. PASTOR T C. MICHAEL says:

    Penny, A mother that touched the lives of both the poor and the staff of NLEC Africa.
    The last letter she sent to us confirmed that she has gone to be with Lord. Praise God ! She has gone before us. We(NLECAFRICA) pray to live her selfless life of service to humanity.
    Pastor T. C. MIchael

  7. Marvin & Shirley Phillips says:

    We became friends of Penny and Larry during her fight against breast cancer.Shirley is a 11 year cancer survivor who shared her experiences with Penny and as a result they both became stronger believers in God’s ability to heal the sick and afflicted.We became more agressive prayer warriors because of her inspiration for others against this terrible disease.When she started the Lilies Foundation we knew God was still working in her life and using her to help others. That was who she was.We are so sorry to lose a friend,but we know that God has a great reason for taking her up to Heaven at this time. May God Bless Larry, their children and all the other members of their family.

    Marvin & Shirley Phillips
    Jefferson City, Missouri

  8. Terry M says:

    Larry, You have my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of Penny. I recall her bright and cheerful demeanor on channel 24 as I would watch. I was quite taken by the genuine sweetness and kindness that emanated from her. What a beautiful and unique individual; she was like a breath of fresh air. She is also an inspiration to me on the subject of courage and faith in God. Not once, even in the days that preceeded her death, did she convey anything but cheerful love. I didn’t realize what a truly wonderful woman she was. I pray that she is safe and sound in the arms of Jesus. And one day, we will all be reunited. God Bless you & your family Reverend Rice.

  9. Pastor T. C. Michael says:

    We(NLEC-Nigeria-Africa), devote the last sunday in March to observe a Memorial service to our mother in the bossom of the Lord.
    VCD of the event will be forwarded to NLEC-America.
    We are praying for you Rev. Larry Rice to be courageous as you prayed some years ago when we lost our Father Bishop T. C. Michael.
    What a fellowship it would be when Sis. Penny meet in heaven with our father.
    The comfort of the Holy Spirit is so good and uplifting in times like this- Rev. Larry, there is quite a lot to attain in Christ and in your calling, please be focus. We love you so much and believe in your leadership, lets move forward to greater heights.

    Pastor T. C. Michael Jr.

  10. Paparao Yeluchuri says:

    Sister Penny Rice touched many hearts in India through the compassion and love that she has shared while she visited India. Many of her writings which were published in Zoa Free Paper were translated in one of the most prominent Indian Language TELUGU and distributed in many schools, colleges, thickly populated areas and hundreds of people responded to her writings and given their life to Christ. Sister Penny’s Life is an example to many people around the world including India. The love and compassion she has showed for the orphan children, homeless people, people suffering with sickness is a true witness to the Christian world. Rev. Larry is an example to many families by seeing his love for Penny specially when she is on the bed for many days with sickness. Words are not enough to explain our deep sympathy to Rev. Larry and also to every one at NLEC. Her sacrificial life to NLEC to be established in early 70s is now giving Hope to many thousands of people across America, India, African countries.The comfort of the Holy spirit will come up on who love Penny and her family and to all the staff of New Life Evangelistic Center.

    Pastor. Paparao Yeluchuri,

  11. denice cike says:

    when I think of the resurrection of christ. Christ has risen again and one day so will Penny. I miss penny smile on channel 24 telethons all the time. Oh what a faithful servant was she! She is singing in glory and praising his holy name now and forever.

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