Celebrate Penny Rice


Penny Ann Rice was the founder of Consider the Lilies Foundation, co-founder of New Life Evangelistic Center, wife of Rev. Larry Rice, mother of Christopher, Stephanie and Jennifer. She met her Savior face to face at eight- fifteen in the morning on February twenty-first, 2007. This blog is a celebration of her life and impact. We invite her friends and family to leave comments and stories of what she meant to them. We will post photos of her, some of her writings, favorite scripture verses, and other related items to celebrate her.


2 Responses to Celebrate Penny Rice

  1. Nora Coombs says:

    Oh I am so very sorry to hear about Penny passing away. We go way back to kindergarten and she was always a dear friend. I will miss her alot. I pray she went peacefully and with little pain. She often sent emails about all of her wonderful family, so I am sure she knew she was loved by all. I prayed so much that she would survive if it was God’s will as she
    had so much to share with the world. Apparently God needed her at home more than all of us. Thank you so much for letting us all know, I realize how difficult sending these emails
    must be.
    thank you and God bless you.

  2. Judy Swenson says:

    Penny my sister, my beautiful sister.
    You spent so much of you life doing good for other people. You were an angel here on earth and now you are an
    angel in our lords kingdom.You will be so missed here !
    What a gift you were to me,a beautiful gift sent straight from Heaven.I will carry part of you with me always. I will never forget your blue eyes or your sweet voice.I love you penny

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